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The Toolbar appears just underneath the main Historical Newspapers banner on every page. In addition, all of the following commands can be executed using the textual hyperlinks which appear at the bottom of each Historical Newspapers page. The following table describes all the icons that appear in the Toolbar and the pages in which they appear:

Icon Description Pages
Returns to the Historical Newspapers Home page. All pages except Historical Newspapers Home page
Opens a context-sensitive Help page from which you can access other Help pages. All pages
Clears the Search form, allowing you to specify a completely new search. Search page
Returns you to the Search page from all other pages. If you return to the Search page from the Main Headings Retrieved page or Index Entry in Context page, your original search terms will be retained in the Search form. All except Search page
Opens a page of general information about the product. All pages
Opens the Go To Column page. All pages

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