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Help: Browse Indexes

A browse index, listing available search terms, can be consulted for the Search fields in each database in Historical Newspapers. The browse indexes are arranged alphabetically. To access a browse index, click Browse next to the relevant search box. You will be presented with one of two types of browse:

When the desired term or terms are highlighted, click OK to transfer them back to the relevant search box. Each item transferred will be enclosed in double quotes. When you transfer more than one search term from a browse index to a search box, the database automatically combines them using the Boolean operator OR.

Note: Netscape Navigator (Windows) users can multi-select contiguous terms using SHIFT+CLICK and non-contiguous terms using CTRL+CLICK. Highlighted terms can be deselected by moving the cursor to the relevant term and using CTRL+CLICK.

EXACT operator

The EXACT operator is pasted back by default with the entries of certain browse indexes. If a search term is preceded by EXACT, hits will be retrieved for that term only and not for any variations on that term.

This search will retrieve entries with the main heading "Norfolk" but not with the main heading "Norfolk, Duke of".

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